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Gurudeva Matrimonials is a marriage aiding bureau which the TREETECH GROUP untidily combined together all the SNDP Yogam Unions on the blessed name of LORD GURUDEVA . The Bureau will await everyone to get the full details and particulars of each and every member of the ezhava caste all over the world.through he nearest YOGAM Union .It is undoubtedly intended to be operated providing the advantages to all of our community at any time with no bars.Which You fastern yourselves to the GURUDEVA MATRIMONIALS ,Youíre becoming partners in rendering service to the poor people of our caste. The most modern technology that we are adopted for the smooth running of our organization is ever helpful to all.

Our devoted staff will be assisted you to find out suitable proposals for your children through our phone letters or E mail. and will do on further proceedings on each sides arrangement on the proposals also ,you will have the advantage to choose proposals by directly stepping in to the office and looking the office files at hand. Above all you will have the convenience to complaint the horoscope in each case..